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A Treasured Gift

The coin pictured above was presented to Matt Reussen just prior to his return home from Iraq. Matt gave me his coin in appreciation for my show at American Legion Post 685, Streetsboro, OH.

Matt, we all appreciate YOU and all the service men and women serving our great country. May God bless each and every one of you and keep you safe.


Welcome to the Queen’s Website

When Caroline Picard hits the stage with her signature red boots, her audience has about six seconds to get on her wavelength. Caroline let’s them know right away that they are about to experience something really refreshing -  a real person that is comfortable with her beliefs and has no problem making you laugh at them. Once Caroline is on stage it’s crystal clear that you have come to the house of “The Queen” and you will play by her rules.

Her “don’t give a damn” attitude is revitalizing, especially in the world of female comedy. Her style is all her own and can be compared to no one.  If you want politically correct, do not come to her show, but if you want the truth, come on in, grab a drink and enjoy the ride!

Caroline Talks About Her Show

“I know that everyone in that showroom works damn hard for their money.  When they come to see my show, they expect and deserve a show!

I like my show to feel like a rock concert!  The generation I come from loved those hard hitting, slam the guitar down, hard drinking fun concerts.  It’s my mission to make people in my generation remember what they did and the fun they had.  Just because we hit 50 it doesn’t mean we have to lie down and die, HELL NO!  And maybe we can give the younger folks in the crowd a glimpse of where mom and dad came from.

For the first time in history, baby boomers out number the youth of America.  I think it’s time we take our country back. No more ‘time-outs’ for the little darlings.  A slap on the back of the head is what they need so we can put some sense back into their brains. Hell, there’s not a person from my generation that doesn’t have a head injury”.

Leaders In The Entertainment Industry Talk About Caroline

“When Caroline opened for me she was solid. From the beginning she had the crowd and kept them there with her. She did this for all four shows”,

- Ron White

“I have been working Caroline in my accounts for over ten years, and they can’t get enough of her. This is a woman that will get in her truck and drive from the UP in Michigan and two weeks later be in McAllen, Texas.

Nothing stops her from what she was definitely born to do. With that said, check her schedule, request her on XM Satellite Radio, order her CD’s, and make damn sure you find a way to see “The Queen” in person.

Trust me you won’t be disappointed.”

- Carol Pennington
Hysterical  Management
Booking Agent for The Cajun Queen